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Your Six-Figure Hypnosis or Coaching Business

HypnoProfessional Publishing Presents: Client Attraction and Conversion Workshop. Attract Clients Like a Pro and Convert Them Into Paychecks!
10 Week Program walks you through exactly what to say to bring clients into your Hypnosis or Coaching Office. (whether virtual or physical.)
BONUS: 11th Session Walks You Through How to Turn a Buying Objection Into a Buying Client!!! 
Are you tired of playing small in your business?
Would you like to know exactly what to say to get people interested in what you do?
Do you know what the true purpose of your website is?
Are you an aspiring Author and Speaker?
Would you like to know how to charge clients like the pros do?
Are You Using the FREE Consultation Model?
How Do You Answer the Objection, "I can't afford it?"
We Cover All This and Much More in Our 11 Week HypnoPro Client Attraction Program
Attract Clients Like a Pro!
Clients Are Everywhere
Turn Conversations into Clients
Turn Phone Calls Into Clients
The True Purpose of Your Website
Facebook Marketing for Beginners
Client Attraction Meditation
Exclusive Client Attraction Program ~ Wheel of Life for Engaging in Soulful Conversations and Turning Those Conversations Into Clients and Future Referrals
Use the Native American Medicine Wheel, 4 Directions and 5 Elements as a tool to guide you through the process.
This Coaching Program is easily worth $2,000 and actual Private Sessions with Suzie regularly require an investment of $1,970.00 for package of 10. This is a bargain at $97.
You get all the recordings to listen to as often as you'd like.
Each Session is Jam Packed with Business Building Tips and Tools that Are Proven to Help You Create "LifeStyle Freedom" for yourself and your family, doing what you love! These Tips and Tools are Easily Implemented and Can Be Put Into Practice Immediately. Each week, we build on a new skill.
Don't Forget to Join Us Live Every Monday Morning at 8:30am P.T. Details at
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