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HypnoProfessional Six-Figure System

Stones of Meaning
2 Options to Create Your Six-Figure Business

Online or Join Me for Live Hands-On,

In- Person Workshop at HypnoThoughts Live 2020! Or Choose Both and Get Special!

(see options below)

HypnoProfessional Six-Figure Blue Print, Created by Suzie Bowers, CHt., Since 1995


What you will Learn as Part of the HypnoProfessional Community:

Part I - Mindset for Six-Figure Success


  • Identify and release limiting beliefs and old subconscious programs that have kept you stuck in the past.

  • Experience powerful energy techniques to raise your vibration and keep you focused on your goal.

  • Get clear on what you desire for yourself and uncover the emotional triggers that will keep you moving forward.

  • Activate the Law of Attraction so you immediately attract your ideal clients.

  • Access the Higher Mind, where every solution and all knowledge is available to you.

  • Unleash the power of your imagination, using powerful visualization tools and future-life hypnosis sessions to catapult you toward your goals.

  • How to Stop Procrastinating & Step Into Your Power

  • Prosperity Mind-Set

Wait....There's More.....


Colleen Miele biz photo.png

Suzie's HypnoProfessional Six-Figure System Delivers and Makes it Easy to Succeed!

"We’ve been working HypnoProfessional Publishing & Media Six-Figure Blue-Print, for 8 years now, since we started the Department of Neuro-Hypnotic Sciences and we absolutely love it. They built our “lead capture” website for us, then upgraded it to be more in alignment with new technology.

Suzie and her team send out our enewsletter each month and they always over-deliver, providing more value than we pay for. They are always professional, timely, accurate, informative, streamline and detailed. Suzie spends her personal time consulting and coaching us to grow our business. Her Six-Figure System has made a big difference in our business growth. We love it. The systems let us focus on the other things we need to do, network and see clients!"

Colleen O’Callaghan-Miele, CHt and CEO – Heads Up of Nevada and President,

The Department of Neuro-Hypnotic Sciences.

Six Figures in Six Months? Is it Possible?


Anything is possible when you have the right system combined with the mind-set of "Absolute Excellence and Abundance," AND You Take Action! At the very least, you will be well on your way.....why?

You can truly create everything you desire when you combine proven success principles with the power inherent in your own mind.  As a Life Coach or Hypnotherapist, you are already primed for Success … but like in any business, it takes time, dedication, systems, follow through, and perseverance to get from where you are to where you want to be. 

That's why the HypnoProfessional Motto is: Passion! Purpose! Prosperity! You deserve to be paid well, because you're helping others! Your ability to follow through and work your systems will create success for you.


YOU Can Have It All!

  • Unlimited Income

  • Time Freedom

  • Health

  • Recognition and Respect

  • Love and Fulfilling Relationships


And you can do it all by serving others! And helping them succeed in life too!

First, you need to know how to implement the step-by-step success tools and get your mind and emotions in the correct framework.

Part II - HypnoProfessional Six-Figure Blue-Print by Suzie Bowers


IN Suzie’s incredible “Results Oriented” program, you will learn how to implement:


  • Your “Know, Like & Trust” Factor

  • Client Attraction Conversations

  • "Cheaper to Keep-Er" - HypnoProfessional Six-Figure System Blue-Print…Your On and Offline Platform for Life-Long Success….Setting up the foundation for the next phase to “scale up” your hypnosis empire

  • Starting with the End in Mind and Working Backwards….

  • Identifying and Creating Your Professional Brand

  • FREE Social Media Strategies on Facebook (not ads) - Truths, Tips & Tricks

Wait, There's More...

“In all realms of life it takes courage to stretch your limits, express your power, and fulfill your potential” - 
Suze Orman

Two Ways to Rock N Roll with Suzie........ Check it Out!

Join Suzie at HypnoThoughts Live in August 2020 or Online, Starting Now!


Are You Ready to Rock 'N Roll to Six-Figures?

Check This Out...

Also Included in the HypnoProfessional Six-Figure Blue-Print: BONUSES

  • Best Office Practices, Online or Brick and Mortar

  • Networking on Steroids, getting clients from your community.

  • Packaging and Pricing Your Transformation Programs

  • Let’s Talk Money Math…..Setting Income Goals, Strategy and Execution

  • Riches are in the Niches!!!! Let’s Uncover Your Perfect Niche

  • Office Forms with Disclosures

  • Increase Your Success Rates: Hypnosis/Coaching Program Maps with Scripts - Suzie's Core4TM and Total Transformation8TM (you'll know exactly how to walk your clients through their program with confidence.) By Itself This is worth $1,000s, includes Suzie's Master Scripts and Protocols for getting your clients from where they are to where THEY want to be! I'll show you how you can charge $1,100-$2,500 for the Transformation Package, and people will pay it!



2 Ways to Get Involved, See Special for Choosing Both....Action Takers Receive Special Bonuses.

Spend the Day with Suzie in Las Vegas....

Thursday, August 13th, 2020

or Get Started Now and Receive Bonuses!

HTL 2020 Workshop Only - Early-Bird Special Only $318 Then $397.

Sign Up Here at HTL!

Show me Receipt and Get Special Offer ~ Start NOW!

For Action Takers:
Let's get started NOW! 2 More Options to Choose From....Online Training, Starting Now includes Special Pricing...Show me Your HTL 2020 Conference Workshop Receipt and Save $282!

Need Other Payment Options? Let Me Know and We'll Break it Down for You, But You Only Get the $397 Special when you show me your HTL 2020 Workshop Receipt.......paid in full.


Let Me Ask You Something.....


Are you going to Take Action and Go to the Next Level in Your Life?


Are you going to wait and see.....wonder and wait......procrastinate and let time pass you by? OR.....

Are you going to STOP playing small and Step Into Your Power? Where can you invest in your own business and create a high 5-Figure, Six-Figure Income, or even Multiple Six-Figure Income for this tiny investment? This system is the fastest way to your success. DECIDE, ACT, Let's DO THIS!

No Matter How Quickly or Slowly You Build Your Hypnosis Empire.....You will need these systems to succeed! There's no way around it....the longer you wait, the longer it will take you to achieve your dreams and help all the people who need you!

You know the saying...the Best time to plant a tree was 2o years ago....the 2nd Best time is NOW!




I am so grateful for you and your professional team.  You are a pleasure to work with and savvy in your marketing.  My business runs much smoother and I get to focus on important components of my business that would be neglected without your assistance.  Thank you!" 

Randi Light, Enlightened Living Hypnotherapy

What are You Waiting For?....

Let's Do This!

HTL 2020 Workshop Only - Early-Bird Special Only $318 Then $397.

Sign Up Here at HTL!

Show me Receipt and Get Special Offer ~ Start NOW!

We will do everything in our power to help you achieve success with this program.....however, results may vary depending on many factors, including funds available for investment, time commitment, speaking abilities, list building, networking, personality and ability to follow through and take action. It is important to note, that these systems require small monthly hosting and software investments in addition to the training, which are a part of every successful business. The team at HypnoProfessional will offer Done For You Services, but are not required. We are dedicated to your success! See you Inside!

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