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Get Ready to Have some Fun with Shelley!

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HypnoProfessional Publishing partnered with International Hypnosis Federation to Bring You Free 4-weeks of Business Training. Here are the recordings for you listening pleasure.

PowerHour #1 - How to be Fabulously Charismatic. Dr. Shelley

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Power Hour #2 - IHF HypnoPro - What do Sears, JC Penney, REI, Jack Canfield, Oprah and Mark Victor Hansen have in Common? They all send out a monthly newsletter. Warning: Growing Your List and Staying in Touch may cause a large influx of clients and money!!! With Suzie Bowers, CHt  Suzie Bowers

Power Hour #3 - Words Have Power.

Dr. Shelley

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We want to hear from you!!! Please let us know how you like this FREE training! We want to keep making it better and provide information that will assist you in your business.



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Power Hour #4 - Pay Yourself What You're Worth. Jessica Riverson

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