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Newsletter Service



Choose 1, 2 or even 4 monthly newsletter messages. Find Out Here.

Is this familiar to you?

Did you know the most cost effective way to increase your business income
is not by looking for new clients?


If so, I'd like to ask you a few questions:


1. Do you desire to increase your income and decrease your advertising costs?

2. Would it be of benefit to you if your current or past clients purchased from

you again and again

3. Would you love it if your existing and past clients referred their friends

and family

4. Or, are you starting your business on a "shoe-string" budget?

5. Maybe you already have a list but aren't quite sure how to monetize it effectively,
increasing your profitability?


If You Answered Yes to Any of these Questions, Then I Have Something

Incredible to Share With You! The most effective way to increase your income

is by staying in touch with the clients you already have. Yet, most business owners

fall short of this very simple and affordable marketing and sales tool.


Dollar for Dollar a Consistently Sent Newsletter Is 
The Best Marketing Tool Available!


Find out Why Thousands of Successful Business Owners use a Newsletter Service to Build a Strong and Successful Business


Automated, Affordable and Easy Solutions designed to:


  • Attract New Clients

  • Gain Referrals

  • Build Trust

  • Increase Your Credibility

  • Brand You as an Expert in Your Area

  • Define Your Niche

  • Achieve 99% Retention of Clients

  • Drive Sales to Your Classes and Other Products and Services

  • Build Your List for Future Offers & Specials

  • Keep Your Clients Informed About You

  • Increase Your Income

  • Monetize Your Website or Blog


One Newsletter Client said it increased his referral business by 27% in just a few months.

That is Huge!















Who Wants to Attract New Clients and Get Past Clients to

Refer Family & Friends?

You Do!



Communication With Your Clients is so Easy…We do it all for you!


Why are newsletters so effective?


When your past or potential clients read your newsletter, they do so in the quiet and safety of their own home. That's when their guard is down.


Let's face it, no one likes to be sold. Your newsletter will provide valuable, insightful and inspirational information that will enrich and empower people's lives. The more value you provide the more trust you build. It's like inviting all your friends to a warm and friendly barbeque in your back yard.


They get to know, like and trust you. Others refer people they Know, Like and Trust!



You may already know you need a monthly or bi-weekly newsletter, but just can’t find the time in your busy schedule to get it done. Truth is the cost of taking you away from other important business building activities is not worth it.




If you’re creating your newsletter yourself, you are wasting your valuable time that would be better spent networking, speaking, strategic planning, seeing clients, social media posting, looking for interviews or putting out brochures.


For example, if you charge $100 per session with a client and you are spending 6 hours to create and send your newsletter, the cost to you is $600 per month. Chances are you are charging more like $200-$300 per session, and we encourage your to do so, what you offer is life-changing value...........(We do it all for you for a fraction of the cost.)


Does the task seem daunting?  We make it easy for you.


How do we do this?


Our team of professionally trained writers, internet specialists and marketing gurus will create a beautiful template for you with the look and feel of your current site. You provide us with a few basic pieces of information, your url and away we go.


We provide all the articles, resources, photos and tech savvy to deliver a consistent and professionally branded newsletter to your list.


There are various template designs  to choose from. Your newsletter template look may vary from samples. Your template will match the look and feel of your business and website branding YOU as the Go-To Expert!



Choose 1, 2 or even 4 monthly newsletter messages. Find Out Here.


Actual Client Newsletter

Notice social media share buttons and subscribe button for non-members, professionally written articles and FREE photos.

Don’t have a list yet?

No Website?


Don’t Worry…We have affordable solutions for that too and we’ll be training you on the correct and most successful way to build your list with our “Build a Six-Figure Hypnosis or Coaching Business” training.


As a member of our Success Club, (just by becoming a newsletter or website client) not only do you get a fabulously professional, consistently sent newsletter, branding YOU as the expert, we provide ongoing business coaching and Expert Interviews to help you succeed in every area of your business at no extra charge.


Other services charge as much as $300 to set up your newsletter service and anywhere from $160 to almost $300 per month to send your newsletter out for you and they don’t provide any coaching.


I’ll let you in on a little secret:


Even at $300 per month, a consistently done, professional newsletter branding you as the expert is well worth every penny! Your enewsletter is one of the most effective and affordable marketing tools available to you. And, as you learn how to grow your enewsletter list, we will teach you valuable techniques to monetize your site through classes, workshops, product launches, affiliate programs and much more.


We want to make it even easier and affordable for you. Truth is, if you’re serious about building a six-figure business, you can’t afford not to do a newsletter.


For a one-time $199 set up fee and only $127 per month, we will do all the work for you, help you increase your client base and work with you to build your six-figure business.




But Wait a Minute....because we have a 

Very Special Offer Just For You!

The first 200 people to join our Success Club 

and get their newsletter service will

pay only $127.00 per month.

Don’t Delay in Building your Six-Figure Business…


(That's $500 per year savings!!!!)


Don't Wait, because at $127/month

this is a steal and way below our

competitors pricing.

Actual Client Newsletter

Newsletter is branded to you with your full bio and professional photo at the bottom, with contact info. and linked to your website.

Option 1 - Starlet Package - What's Included! See Special Below1

Reg. $160/mo

Success Club

  • Done For You: Custom Newsletter Service Branding YOU as the Expert in Your Market!
  • Designed Template with Look and Feel of Your Website.
  • Assistance with Mailing List Set Up.
  • E~Newsletter Delivery Each Month.
  • BONUS: Holiday Eblast (10/year.)
  • Access to Coaching Archives and Expert Interviews
  • FREE Listing on Our Website with link back to yours.
  • 1 FREE Personal Coaching Call ($175 Value.)
  • Office Best Practices
  • List Building and Monetization
  • Hypnosis Scripts, Tools & Techniques
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Client Attraction
  • Client Conversion and Retention
  • Legal and Insurance Considerations and More
  • Video Marketing and Audio Creation
  • Resources
  • Monthly Six-Figure Business Coaching Call
  • Monthly HypnoPro Newsletter
And More...
All This for ONLY $127/mo.

Our clients know that our newsletter service increases referrals and credibility, adding value to their business and their brand. We are so confident that your business will benefit too, especially when you realize how much time, frustration, and money we save you—and how much your clients love your newsletter, that we are offering you a Money Back Guarantee…. 


If, after you've experienced HypnoProfessional eNewsletter service for two months, you don't LOVE it, we will refund you 100% of your money spent (less any outside costs.)


It doesn’t get any easier than this.


We know, that a professional, consistently sent newsletter, will get passed around from your clients to their friends and family, increase your client retention and sky-rocket your referral business.


Please keep in mind…that just like advertising, it takes consistency and a solid 3-6 months repetition to start seeing the results, but at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. And the quality of clients is much higher because of the credibility you will achieve from your newsletter. You will come highly recommended.


Yes, I am ready to start building my

Six-Figure Hypnosis Business Newsletter!

Check Out Some of Our Clients

Randi Light, CHt, Trainer

Enlightened Living Hypnosis & Academy



I am so grateful for you and your professional team.  You are a pleasure to work with and savvy in your marketing.  My business runs much smoother and I get to focus on important components of my business that would be neglected without your assistance.  Thank you!"  

"Having monthly newsletters going out to our clients is one of the best marketing decisions we've made.  Many have called to thank us for the informative material and say they look forward to receiving it.  Anyone who visits our website may also choose to get on our mailing list, and we've tracked many new clients back to this initial contact.   
Suzie Bowers and her marketing team provide fresh, new ideas for attracting business and continue to help us successfully build our brand.  We highly recommend that hypnotherapists and other alternative health care professionals contact Suzie Bowers for smart, timely and effective marketing tools that are easy to use."

Dr. Amir Ben-Solomon, CHt
Solomon Wellness & Hypnosis Center

Marti Daly, CHt, Harmony Through Hypnosis, LLC – Weight Loss Specialist

 "I struggled with my email marketing campaign for years. I had been told over and over again that email marketing is crucial for growing my business, but I had no idea what to do. I learned the mechanics behind it, but found that I didn’t have the time to research, write, and create an interesting, informative, and nice-looking newsletter that I would feel proud to send to my contacts. I decided I needed to outsource that part of my marketing, and I was happy to find Hypnoprofessional. This service is exactly what I was looking for. I have received compliments on the articles, and I am beyond happy to not have to worry about my newsletter anymore.


Suzie and the Hypnoprofessional team are great to work with, and when I shifted the focus of my hypnotherapy practice, they very easily provided new content that aligned with my new direction. I have been their client for over two years and I’ve been extremely happy with the services I’ve received. I recommend any hypnotherapist who would rather spend time with clients than struggle with putting out a regular newsletter to contact Hypnoprofessional ASAP."



Mary Colleen O’Callaghan-Miele, CHt and CEO – Heads Up of Nevada and the Department of Neuro-Hypnotic Sciences

"We’ve been working with HypnoProfessional Publishing for over 4 years now, since we started the Department of Neuro-Hypnotic Sciences and we absolutely love it. They built our website for us and then upgraded it to be more in alignment with new technology. Suzie and her team send out an enewsletter for us every month and they always over-deliver providing more value than we pay for. They are always Professional, Timely, Accurate, Informative, Streamlined, Detailed, Cutting Edge and have amazing customer service and accountability. Suzie has spent her personal time consulting and coaching us to grow our business, and get the most out of our services.


We love our newsletter service so much, we also ordered social media and blogging services. I never worry about the work being done and the quality of the product is impressive. Technology is not my thing and I am so busy with speaking, interviews and seeing clients, it’s a huge relief to know these details are being handled and so professionally!"

** Additional costs will be required in securing your list building service, if you don't already have one. Additional fees may be $20 per month and up depending on the size of your list of subscribers. You will own your own account which is important for your future marketing and income building activities. Important: Your account will need to stay active in order for your newsletter service to work. We are very goal oriented, however there are a variety of factors, outside of our control, which may be required for success such as your speaking ability, organizational skills, consistent list building activities, social media interactions, and more.

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