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Interview With Paul Wong
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Bio of Paul Wong:

He is an international speaker, instructor, and healer focused on
Eastern energetics and wisdom, as well as consciousness work, for deep
personal transformations.  His chronic asthma led him on a journey of
learning Chinese healing arts and spending time in the ashrams of
spiritual masters in India.  From working through his personal
struggles, he developed a body of work called "Opening the Heart
Energy Transmissions."  It is the integration of his life experiences
and ancient healing principles -- to teach others to process
unconscious suffering through the heart -- and transforming it into
insight and love.

Learn and experience ancient healing principles and eastern energetics
to address difficult life challenges.  A key to solving such
challenges --  including health, weight, relationship and other
difficulties, is to synthesize these sufferings through the heart and
transform these issues into wisdom.  Chronic health issues are the
result of accumulated conditioning from the current life, past lives,
ancestors, collectives, and other complex variables.  It requires
significant consciousness and attitude shifts, and sometimes
completely new ways of living and being, to address these issues --
and requires breaking repeating karmic patterns -- whether from this
life or other lifetimes.

His website is

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