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Rob Hadley

Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc.

604 484 0346

Rob Hadley is known as the most sought after hypnotherapist in Canada working in the field of  addictions. He is well known for his success working with clients who have struggled in other forms of treatment, and who have suffered repeated relapses.


After setting up Vancouver Hypnotherapy in 2006, he has grown the company to a group of six therapists, with over 6000 clients. Providing treatment systems, data tracking of clients, and sophisticated online programs, the company also includes a school and an entertainment agency. 


Once described as "The most exciting night's entertainment (in Whitehorse) since Billy Bobs' trailer burned to the ground and nearly took the rest of the park with it," Rob's stage show - The Harlequin Hypnosis Show - has become a regular annual Vancouver event.


Rob leads the company and enjoys an international reputation performing in locations from Rio de Janeiro to Mumbai.

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You Can See Rob at the CHC - He will be providing two talks at the conference. 

1. Marketing Strategies for hypnotherapists

2. Working with Alcohol Abuse clients in hypnotherapy.

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