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The Money is in Your List

The Money is In Your List...

If you are an internet marketer, speaker, author or anyone who plans to make money from your have heard this phrase..."The Money is in Your List."

What does that mean?

Well, it's true, but only partially. It means that the larger the list of qualified emails you have, people engaged with you and wanting to hear from you, the more potential you have to create more income streams. I know as a coach or hypnotherapist, you love helping others and want to see clients one-on-one or in a group setting. What I found, while I was creating my successful hypnotherapy and coaching business is that it was leading to burn out and fast.

Plus, advertising for new clients was expensive. Yellow Pages (which don't really work any longer) newspapers and small display ads in local publications cost a lot of money and the return was...well, dismal at best.

When clients started coming through the doors, I got so busy seeing them that I didn't have much time for networking, speaking or marketing, which is a crucial and necessary part of any business strategy.

I needed to find another way. I always knew I had to be online, even in the early days. A web presence meant credibility and success. That was the perception anyway. I also knew from my real estate career that it was vital to stay in touch with my clients with hand-written Thank you notes, (which I've always done) and build my mailing list.

So I started an online newsletter with a special sign up box on my very first website. Doing local talks got people to sign up and I also added my existing clients too.

When I sent out a newsletter, they loved it! I always received positive feedback and usually the phone would ring with an inquiry about my services. The problem was...I wasn't a very good writer back then and the technology was challenging and new. Most of the time, I could only manage to get a newsletter out once every six months...that's terrible. But you know what? It still worked.

Just having a list isn't have to consistently stay in touch with your list and provide valuable, life-enhancing information.

Your list then becomes a tool for selling your books, audios and classes. This way, you're not just always seeing clients, you are also proving value with other products and services, reaching out to a larger market and creating multiple income streams for yourself....eventually, you'll be able to work less and accomplish much, much more.

Not sure what to do? We're here to help. That's why I created Your Six-Figure we can take all of the hassle out of it for you and you can focus on what you do best. We will even customize your newsletter for your area of specialty.

Don't wait another minute. The time to start building your Six-figure list is now!



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