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Keeping Clients is Easier Than Getting Them

It's Much Easier to Keep Clients Than it is To Find New Ones! By Now hopefully you’ve read “Your Six-Figure Hypno-Coaching Business,” Where Passion & Purpose Change People’s Lives,” and have received some insights and some basic foundations for creating a successful business. If You haven't received your FREE book, you can get it here: Your Six-Figure Hypno-Coaching Business.

We will continue to go more and more in depth with how to build a Hypno or Coaching Business that will continue to thrive for many years to come.

Today we're going to talk about the cost effectiveness of keeping the clients you already have a relationship vs the cost to acquisition a brand new client.

Keeping them vs Getting Them:

Getting new clients every week takes some serious work and diligence. There are several ways to get clients, networking events, speaking engagements, advertising, interviews, and referral relationships. All of these strategies require time and energy and there is a special formula for each of these things that will provide you a steady stream of prospective clients. If you skip one or more of the important elements, or steps, all your hard work will be for nothing and you’ll be sitting in your office empty handed.

What’s easier and more cost and time effective?

Keeping the clients you already have. Now, I am very goal oriented and I don’t want any clients to be reliant on my services to live their life successfully. In fact, I tell them this when they sign up for one of my programs. I teach them hypnosis tools and new ways of thinking so they can use them for the rest of their lives. However, everyone has more than one issue they need help with and every client has the potential to send you referrals. Of course, I would much rather my past client return to see me then go off to someone else. I make that happen by staying in touch with them every single month. Referrals are wonderful, because they don’t cost you anything, no time, no money, nothing! It’s fantastic. Also, a referred client is more likely to have great success by working with you, because their belief system is on board with what you’re sharing with them. Their friend or family member, doctor or chiropractor referred them, so in their mind, you must be awesome! You don’t have to work as hard to build rapport, it’s already there naturally.

Timing is Everything

I want my clients to think of me right away, when another issue comes up in their lives. They already trust me and know I can help them. They already know that it is money well spent. I don’t have to spend any time overcoming money concerns, because they already know how much I charge. The problem is, if I don’t stay in touch with them, they will grab onto someone else. This is why, I continue to train you on the importance of your monthly or bi-monthly newsletter. If you don’t stay in touch with your past clients or potential clients, they will likely forget about you. (An occasional hand-written note thrown into the mix is like gold!)

He Had the Attention Span of a Goldfish

I heard on the radio, due to the internet and the constant barrage of information, that the average human today has the attention span of a gold fish. That’s roughly 8 seconds. Pathetic, I know, but the point is you have to get someone’s attention fast to keep them interested. Everyone’s online these days and you need to be too. Your well written, informative and inspirational newsletter message, does the job of keeping them in your loop.

Cash flow…money in the bank! Love it!

As I already shared, keeping a client is much more effective than going out and finding new ones. Of course, you need to do both, but referrals and repeat clients are easy-peasy!

The Most Successful Businesses Use a Newsletter to Stay In Touch!

When I started my real estate career in my 20s, this concept was huge. All the most successful Realtors used a system to stay in touch with their past clients. Even in the 80s and 90s, business coaches and trainers were teaching this system. It works! If you notice, now the big stores have embraced the newsletter concept. Have you noticed that every time you purchase something, they ask for your email address? They use it to send you coupons and to let you know about upcoming sales and specials. The same works for you, but you have a much more intimate and personal relationship with your clients than the big box stores have with you. This works in your favor!

Not sending a newsletter every single month is costing you

valuable time and money.

The return on your newsletter investment is well worth it. Don’t worry if you’re not a good writer or don’t know technology, we do it all for you for a fraction of what it would cost you in time and effort. We take all the worry out of it!

Here's What One of Our Successful HypnoTherapist Clients Had to Say About Our HypnoProfessional Newsletter Service:

“The Newsletter Team at HypnoProfessional makes staying in touch with my clients a breeze. I used to spend hours every month writing articles, dealing with the technology and wondering if I was doing it correctly. Implementing the Newsletter Service was like a huge weight off my shoulders, now I can focus on what is important, creating classes, seeing clients and connecting with potential new clients. Well spent money.”

Marti Daly, Harmony Through Hypnosis

Now you can easily and effectively stay in touch with your clients with HypnoProfessional Newsletter Service customized for each hypnotherapist or life-coach. Take all the worry out of it and the pressure off of you...we do it all for you, from educational articles, handle the technology and link up your social media and your blog. It runs like clock-work each and every month. As a client of HypnoProfessional Newsletter Service, your clients will receive 1 full newsletter and 1 holiday or inspirational message each and every month. Believe me, they want to hear from you! Hypnosis and Coaching is HOT and it's essential you stay in front of your clients and potentials to create that six-figure business.

Other, similar services charge $160-$200 per month without all the bells and whistles we provide.

As a member of HypnoProfessional Success Club - SPECIAL For YOU...Only $97 per month for the basic monthly service.

Oh, You Can Do It Yourself? Ok....What is that costing YOU?

For you to do your own newsletter, on average takes about 6 hours of writing, finding photos, linking and piecing it all together...What is 6 hours of your time worth? At $150 per hour x 6...that's a whopping giant cost of $900 and time that would be better spent on other activities. WE Do It ALL FOR you don't have to worry! For ONLY $97 per never have to worry about it again!

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