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The True Purpose of Your Website!

#MondayMorningPowerStartTraining This Week is All About

How to Make Your Website Work for You and the True Purpose of Your Website.

A lot of #hypnotherapists and #coaches believe the old "Put Up a Website and They Will Come" idea. Unfortunately, in today's world, this is no longer the purpose of your website.

You've got 3 seconds to make an impression and get your hooks into your visitor! Make it count! I'll show you how.

Join Me for FREE ~ Monday Morning Power Start, February 6th at 8:30am. This week's training will help you get clear on how to make your website work for you to build your Six-Figure #hypnosis or #coaching business!

Call In: 1-712-775-7031 Access Code: 642598# or on your computer:

Bring your pad and paper, you're going to want to take a lot of notes!

See you then!

Warmly, Suzie Bowers, CHt, Publisher 800.758.1239

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