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Add Longevity Coaching to Your Business

Have you ever thought about adding coaching to your Hypnosis or Other Alternative Practice?

Are You Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

I have some very exciting news. Recently, I partnered up with my good friend Marty Ettington. He is the founder of "Longevity CoachingTM."

With all the Baby Boomers interested in living longer and being more active...Longevity Coaching is the Perfect Fit with Hypnotherapy. In fact, Hypnotherapy is a part of the program and is Proven to keep us younger. What a GREAT Niche!

If you have ever thought about adding a Coaching Skill in the past but were worried about whether your investment would be worth it, this FREE Webinar is for you. Marty has included everything in his training for you to be successful.

(For existing Coaches, Hypnotherapists or Anyone Ready to Help Others and Build a Successful Business.)

Our Webinar on April 26th at 6PM Pacific/9PM Eastern is all about Longevity Coaching and Business Success. You will learn how you can create a Six-Figure or better income working for yourself as a coach/hypnotherapist.

See you on the webinar...

Warmly, Suzie Bowers, CHt Publisher

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