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HypnoPro ~ How is Covid19 Affecting Your Business?

Are You Worried About the Future of Your Business? Are you wondering how to do hypnosis without seeing people in your office? Are you technologically challenged? Have you cancelled all your marketing? Don't know what to do?

Join me and my good friend, "Hypnotic Awesomeness" Ken Guzzo, (Smoking Cessation Guru) on Monday Morning Live at 10am P.T. on Facebook. Join Here.

Time to get Innovative and Pivot/Reset Your Hypnosis/Coaching Business. Opportunities are everywhere. Ken and I will discuss different strategies to go from where you are, to where you want to be.

No More Time to Play Small: Maybe this is the time you needed to create your online program? Perhaps, you can get that book done, or put together group sessions?

Are You the Leader in Your Industry? or Are You Going to Sit Back and Wait to See What Happens?

I am a little concerned that if we sit back and wait for things to go back to normal, that may never happen. I believe that those hypnotherapists and coaches who come out in service in a big way during this crisis, will thrive for years to come.

Now is NOT the time to Stop Marketing! Quite the Opposite!

Throughout history, the businesses able to find the opportunities in a situation came out way on top above their competitors. Business as usual is probably not returning any time soon, if ever!


With the internet, we can do anything we decide to do and it can be world-wide! You are needed more than ever....You can do this. Join me and Ken Guzzo on Monday Morning at 10am P.T. and let's talk about the many ways you can take advantage of the current crisis and serve many more people than you ever thought possible just a few weeks ago. Join Here at 10am P.T.

Help your clients go from panic to thriving during Corona! Be present for them, help them ask the right questions and focus on the empowering things.....

I am Here to help! This is not my first rodeo during times of uncertainty! We will get through this! Please reach out to me if you're struggling. I have some GREAT insight and also services that will help you come out on top through this challenge.

"Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!" Dr. Wayne Dyer

Love, Suz

Call me and let's talk....I'm happy to help you navigate these changing times, adjust your course and set sail to new and successful adventures.


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