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What does Oprah, Dr. Phil and JCPenney Have in Common?

The most successful businesses in America, well the World really, have one thing in common. You may think it's something completely different than what I am going to share with you here. The one very simple thing you could be doing that Oprah does, and many other famous, successful people and businesses do is: they send out a newsletter.

This one little business secret could be the difference in thousands of dollars in income each year.

Have you ever noticed that everywhere you go these days, businesses offer to add you to their email list for specials and updates. Do you know why?

Because it works. It's much more cost effective for your business to keep the clients you have coming back and referring their friends and family members than it is to go out and find new clients.

You could be doing the exact same thing. As a Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, this one little trick has kept my phone ringing with repeat clients and referrals for many years.

Just ask one of my newsletter service clients: After only 2 months on our newsletter service, Hypnotherapist and Coach, Randi Light, Indiana, actually received a new client from her newsletter! (a value of over $1,000) Now, I am not going to tell you this happens every time, but it does happen.

Consistency is key. It typically takes 6-9 months to start seeing results from your consistently, well-written, newsletter, but in Randi's case, it happened much sooner. Investing in a newsletter service will glean you a return on your investment that is much higher than the cost of doing the newsletter.

If you're not sure what to send, don't worry, we can do it all for you. Get 2017 off to the right start and build your following, create your brand and start bringing in more money.

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