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Hypnotherapists & Coaches ~ How Your Newsletter Makes You $$$

An Internet Marketing Guru once told me: 10,000 engaged names on your email list = $100,000 in potential sales. That was years ago. I’m sure it’s even higher today.

Since email was first invented, it’s been making people money. Although our inboxes are bombarded daily, compared to 20 years ago, using email to build relationships and sprinkle your marketing message is still viable as a business growing tool.

Back in 1996, when my first website went up, I started sending out e-newsletters to my clients and potentials. People would comment that they really enjoyed my articles and hearing from me. My phone would ring with requests for more information every time I hit send. Funny thing though…the technology was new, everything about the internet was new and it would take me forever to actually put a newsletter together, figure out what to write, actually write and edit my article and send it out. Even though I was incredibly inconsistent, it still worked.

Today, consistency is key! You have about 3 seconds to grab someone’s attention because we are bombarded with information. Attention spans have drastically reduced due to the ability to click in, click out and get instant information on your mobile device. 100 years ago, the average human had an attention span of 25 minutes…Guess what it is today? Less than 8 Seconds! Wow! Roughly the same as a goldfish!!! Hahahaha!

Sometimes other hypnotherapists and coaches will tell me email marketing is dead! (BIG Belly Laugh Out Loud!) If that was true, then Oprah, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, JCPenny, Amazon, Deepak Chopra, and Apple would stop doing it!

Every retail store in America asks you for your email so you can get points, coupons or hear about specials. The smart small business owner should be doing the same. In fact, you will be more effective than the big chains, because your audience knows you and truly likes you.

Email Marketing is Still King and it isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, it’s one of the most cost effective ways to grow a Six-Figure Business no matter what kind of business you have.

However, I will repeat: Consistency is Key.

If your list only hears from you once a year, they will probably unsubscribe because they forgot who you are and why they’re hearing from you. If you are a Hypnotherapist, Coach or Other Alternative Practitioner, ideally, you want to send an eblast once per week, or at a minimum twice a month.

You should ALWAYS be growing your email list, people will opt out due to the heavy influx of emails we all receive. It’s a numbers game and you have to keep adding to your list to grow and accomplish your goals.

How to grow your list:

· At your speaking engagements and presentations. Always offer a drawing for a freebie. You could offer a copy of your book, an audio, a FREE session. At my last presentation, I did all 3! I even offered $100 Gift Certificate to be applied to the Self-Improvement Program of Your Choice. I hand out these slips and get them filled out for the drawing. (see the form I used at my last presentation, (yesterday.) Worked like a charm and everyone in the room checked YES!

· Your Website: Always offer a freebie, a free gift for joining your newsletter. Here’s mine, below. Pop Ups are popular now. A pop up is an “opt in” box that pops up while someone is checking out your site.

· Social Media: market your freebie on Facebook or any other social media.

· Confidential Intake Form: Be sure to add a box on your Confidential Intake Form that says: Yes, please add me to your newsletter. Email ___________________.

o Now you’ve permission to manually add them to your list.

· Send a personal message to your social media and personal email contacts, inviting them to get their free gift. If they say “yes,” they’re interested, follow up by sending the link.

· Articles: make sure to include a link to your FREE gift in your articles.

· Your Business Card: Offer FREE gift with your website on your business card.

How do you make money with your list? There are so many options here.

1. First, you will receive referrals and inquiries from your e-blasts. It’s important to know how to convert inquiries into appointments and appointments into paying clients. I provide this training at HypnoProfessional.

2. Second: Use your list to market your classes or products. Create classes, digital downloadable products you can sell. As people get to “know, like, and trust” you from your newsletter and social media postings, they will want to buy from you. They may not be ready to call you or schedule and appointment, but they will buy a low cost item or program from you, to check you out more. The next logical step is to purchase something from you or maybe attend a meditation or hypnosis class. It’s a little less threatening and less of a financial commitment than a coaching program.

Let’s do a little money math: You create and record a meditation program, put it on your website as a digital download and sell it for $59. (I did this with weight loss and sold a bunch of them.) Let’s say your list has 2,500 people on it and only 1% purchase your program. 25x$59=$1,475. Not bad extra income for sending out a couple emails. What if 10% of your email list purchased your program? $14,750. Are you starting to see what I’m talking about here? What if you did this 4 or 5 times per year? (Of course, the key is building the relationships, by providing value.)

3. Third: YOU! A Published Author! That’s right. If you’ve been entertaining the thought of writing and publishing a book, your list is a GOLD Mine! Book publishers are looking for those authors who can market their book to their list. Remember, they are in the business of making money. If they see you already have a following via your email list, they are more likely going to pick you up as one of their authors. If you decide to self-publish, even better for you, you don’t have to share your profits.

4. Fourth: Joint Venture Partnerships. Your engaged email list is worth $$$$$ to a strategic partnership. You could be approached by another professional who will profit share their product if you promote or recommend it to your list. Of course, be very careful about what you recommend. Integrity is key here. It must be something you truly believe will benefit your people and it may be a good idea to let them know, you are receiving something for marketing it. Transparency is usually the best policy.

There are many ways to monetize your email list and provide value. This is a service business and your first priority is to give people what they want and what will help them live a better life. You, as a coach or hypnotherapist have the ability to help thousands of people through your email marketing. That’s why we do what we do, right.

So, stop being afraid, stop playing small. Take your business to the next level by sending a newsletter to your list. (It's a great thing to outsource and we can do it all for you for a fraction of the time, it would cost you.)

If you liked this article and would like more tips and tools for growing your business, please get your FREE Book: Your Six-Figure Hypno-Coaching Business, Where Passion & Purpose Change People’s Lives.

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